When you’re in Turin, one of the things you should absolutely do after (or during) drinking coffee and wandering around the streets marveling at the architecture, is stop in at a chocolate shop to sample one or two (or MORE) of their chocolates.  Turin is famous for its chocolate, and especially known for a small triangular prism-shaped chocolate called a gianduiotto (plural: gianduiotti).  You can buy them at many cafes around Turin, but my favourite place to go to get them in a chocolate shop called Guido Gobino, which is set up in an old pharmacy. This chocolatier is a relative newcomer to to chocolate scene in Turin, as the Gobino family only recently took over the business in 1980.  Yes, I know that’s nearly 30 years ago, but in Turin chocolate-making time, that’s nothing.  The venerable chocolatiers who first developed giandiuotti started producing them way back in 1865.

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