Bound on the west by the breathtaking Lago di Garda and on the north by the towering Veneto Dolomites, the landscape of Veneto is rich and varied. Veneto’s hinterland was originally perceived as a dangerous and unpredictable place by early Venetians, which explains why the city of Venice was actually founded in the uninviting marshlands of the Laguna. Eventually, at the height of the Venetian Republic, Veneto’s landscape had become a quiet and popular summer retreat for wealthy, influential Venetians, who, over the course of time, managed to fill what they called the “Terra Ferma” with their signature of unabashed prosperity. From the grandeur of the city of Vincenza and its impressive Palladian villas, to the medieval flavour of Padova or Shakespeare’s fair Verona, Veneto is definitely a fascinating region to explore.


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