TURIN, ITALY’S GREENEST CITY Guest post by Rosaria Costanzo

Did you know that Turin is Italy’s greenest city? Many people associate Turin only with the hometown of Italy’s automotive industry. Only few know that Italy’s first capital is not only rich in history, but with its 160.000 trees, its many parks, the hillside and its rivers, it is also a very green city with numerous natural tracks.

The reason for Turin’s “green layout” goes back to its history, when the Savoy, the Italian Royal family, decided to connect their city residence and their residences outside Turin with broad tree-lined avenues. In the 17th century, when Turin was occupied by Napoleon, the layout of the city center changed again. Napoleon decided to destroy the city walls and to surround the city with “Promenades publiques” , tree-lined avenues to define the city limits.

When Turin became Italy’s first capital in 1861 many beautification works started. Most of them were carried out by French city planners, gardeners and landscapers. Today, Turin has 25 parks in and near the city center and on the hillside across the river Po. The most famous is the Valentino Park with its Medieval village and castle and the Pellerina Park, which is not only Turin’s but also Italy’s biggest city park!

Those who want to discover Turin’s green side, can do it by attending L’Italiano Porticando’s course “Walk and learn Italian”. An ideal way to get to know both the cultural and natural aspects of this city. Together with a fitwalking instructor the students will discover Turin and learn more about walking/fitwalking according to former race walker Maurizio Damilano’s walking method. In 2018 L’Italiano Porticando will have six 1 week appointments, which will allow to take part in a 3 or 4 hrs/day standard course in the morning and in 3 afternoons dedicated to walking/fitwalking in Turin’s most beautiful green areas. On Tuesday and Thursday there will, of course, be the usual possibility to enjoy our afternoon activities to discover Turin from a cultural point of view.


Rosaria Costanzo manages L’Italiano Porticando, Italian Language and Culture School in Turin

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