A WEEK ON SALINA by Robyn Hayes

This is a story about Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. But it’s also a story about slowing down and learning to enjoy ‘being’ in a place rather than ‘doing’ a place. I’d been wanting to visit the Aeolian islands for many years, ever since an ex-boyfriend (also Italian) sent me a postcard from Lipari. When I was planning the trip I thought long and hard about whether to stay on Lipari (more to do) or Salina (more laid back). I consulted the trip advisor forums for the islands whose advice steered me in the direction of Salina, but truth be told it was this photo that did it, simply because it reminded me of Procida, a tiny island in the gulf of Naples that I’d fallen in love with the year before.


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