Florence is a never-ending feast for a traveler. No matter how long one is here or how many times one visits there is always something delicious to do! I met all my sightseeing goals this trip and wanted to continue to get to know the city. So I began searching for fabulous things to do for free. The museums here are all reasonably priced and some – such as the Museo di San Marco, the Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella Complexes, the combined Boboli and Bardini Gardens tickets – offer access to an astonishing amount of beauty and art for a very small fee. But still – as a solo traveler who must pay full price for accommodations and who forgoes hotels and eating out for an airbnb.com apartment and cooking to make travel affordable and, hence, possible – freebies are a welcome relief to my skinny wallet! So, here is a varied menu of free things to do in Florence


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